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  Welcome to AgedBarn.com,  Documenting the past in Black & White.  AgedBarn.com showcases old barns from the Wisconsin area in black and white.  

  How many times have you driven down a road and seen an old barn and not even give it a second thought.  These old barns settled our country, they were the sole source of food and life for these early settlers.  Too many of them are forgotten about these days.  They are bulldozed for new subdivisions, stripped of their wood for furniture, or just neglected till they fall down and nothing remains but their foundations.   Most of these barns are well over a hundred years old and they still stand today!  These barns are part of our history of our country.  They should be remembered, not forgotten!

  Take a look around and send me an e-mail telling me what you think!  This is the only way I know people are enjoying my site.

More than boards and timbers and masonry walls, barns are monuments
to the past, visible links to a people's heritage from the land.

- Jerry Apps - Barns of Wisconsin 1977

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