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Some terrific e-mails I have received by viewers of this site!  I can not truly thank you enough for the kind words!

My Goodness.  I try to explain my love for barns to peers.  I am only 29 years old, and I appreciate the barns.  I often like to close my eyes and imagine little kids running around playing on the land; generations that have worked so hard to keep it- but now this greedy society has just gobbled them up not even caring about the foundation that was built upon it.  Thank you for this website. I will pass it along and I will visit often.  (I am taking pictures myself of barns- it will be apart of my kitchen make-over)  If you would like to see the make-over, please allow me to email them to you in your private email account.  Thanks, Mindy Carr

-Mindy Carr  11/12/07


Fantastic photos you have there sir. When I was a kid back in the 70's, I loved riding through the farm land of WV and seeing all the big barns with Mail Pouch painted on the side of them. I thought they were the coolest. But now, most of those old barns are gone. And as for the Mail Pouch painted ones, the paint has gone from all but one that I know of. But your photos brought those barns back to life in mind. Even if they are almost gone in reality.

-Kevin  09/11/07


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