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Below are the different categories that I have sorted my pictures into.   Click on the image to view its gallery.

Collapsed Barns

These are barns that have collapsed over time.

Updated 03/12/08

Ruins of Barns

Nothing left but the foundations.  They don't make buildings like
they use too.

Updated 01/12/07

Standing Barns

These barns are still standing!  A true testament to the skill of the
old and forgotten barn builders.

Updated 03/12/08

Stripped Barns

Too often old barns are stripped of their outer
wood just so people can have furniture.

In Depth

This section is broken down into small photo shoots at a single
location.  I can not do this with all barns since people live next
to them and/or still using them.

Updated 12/24/08


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